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Complete line of Italian cosmetics with saffron - Shop Online Centisia - Natural Cosmetics

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Complete line of Italian cosmetics with saffron

 Luxury cosmetics! ... Yes, but for all
What? Find out ...
Saffron line: 3 products designed for skins devitalized and dry, wrinkled and atonic, specifies to combat skin aging.
Saffron (Crocus Sativus) is the stigma of a beautiful flower of the family Iridaceae. The precious stigmas contain more than 150 substances, are rich in carotenoids, zeaxanthin, lycopene, and carotenes.
Saffron contains vitamins A, B1 and B2. Among the many functions, Vitamin A increases the production of collagen, the support of the structure of our skin that tends to decline with age.
Saffron is used only in whole stigmas, the most valuable. This is the only way we can be sure that it is 100% pure and not "cut" with the same color as saffron but of little value.
High quality saffron also has a high content of crocin in stigma and in their flower. We use both part of the plant. Crocin acts with skin sugars called Glycans which are likely to play a key role in the advancement of aging phenomena.
It's the glycobiology, a term coined in 1988. The knowledge of these interactions builds more effective and innovative products.
These 3 products (cleansing milk, serum and face cream 24 hours) are dedicated to devitalized skins, mature, atone and dry and very dry one, with wrinkles.
Other ingredients that already for their importance would make a very effective product: octapeptide, collagen, pure oil, Borage, elastin.
Enter in the new world of RED GOLD.
24-hour face cream Saffron
restoring the epidermis
 Among the most expensive spices in the world, also known as "red gold", since antiquity saffron is a highly sought after cosmetic ingredient.
Delicate and rich emulsion combines the purest saffron stigmas and extract from flower. Other valuable ingredients are: collagen, elastin, tensors and skin regenerator peptides, apricot butter and Borage oil which restore water and lipid balance of dull skin, dry and relaxed one.
 Very moisturizing, reparing and anti-agening treatment, soothing, firming, plumping, enlightening and anti-radicals action.
 Directions for use: apply morning and evening to clean skin. For a stronger restructuring treatment first apply on face and neck 4-6 drops of serum. Pat and then put the cream.

Tutti i prezzi sono IVA inclusa
24-hour Saffron face cream 50 ml
Immediate availability
32,00 €
Saffron intensive face serum
Almond oil, Argan oil, Borage Oil and grape seeds, extracts of stigmas and saffron flowers united with Hypericum extract restructure your facial skin. A concentrate of vitamins A and E counteract the ageing process in depth.
Directions for use: apply morning and evening some drops of product until absorbed, then apply the cream.

Tutti i prezzi sono IVA inclusa
Face intensive serum 30 ml Saffron
Immediate availability
30,00 €
Cleansing Saffron milk
Sensitive emulsion, thanks to its formula with pure saffron stigmas and extract of Saffron flower, united with collagen, elastin and the precious oil of Borage, proposes effective moisturizing and ageing action. It’s ideal for all skin types, especially dry and devitalized or mature and fatigued. Removes all traces of makeup and impurities. A real beauty treatment already in the simple act of cleansing.
Directions of use: cleanse face and neck by exerting a slight and uniform massage to remove makeup or simply to clean the skin of impurities.

Tutti i prezzi sono IVA inclusa
Saffron 200 ml cleansing milk
Immediate availability
15,10 €
Saffron products Kit
1 regenerating face Cream with saffron
1 intensive saffron face Serum
1 cleansing milk with saffron
Tutti i prezzi sono IVA inclusa
Saffron products Kit (3 pieces)
Immediate availability
69,39 € 77,10 €
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